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Batik is a term given to a traditional textile decorated using hot melted wax and natural dyes, whose intricate patterns and ornaments contain philosophical values that belong to each Indonesian community.
In other words, “Batik” means “writing down dots”. It could have been derived also from the phrase “mbathik manah”, which means “to draw with the whole heart”.

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Batik Printing

A special type of resist-dyeing technique is used for Batik printing. Under this technique, parts of plain cloth are covered by wax and then the cloth is dyed. The cloth is later boiled to remove the wax. The areas covered by wax retain their original color, thus creating beautiful designs. Cracks are developed in the wax by crumpling the cloth, leading to seepage of the dye into the area covered by wax. This is one of the distinguishing features of batik printing.

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